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Our Story

Paula Sierra

I want to make your spaces the initial inspiration for each day.

From ideas, creativity, looking at life in another way, what inspires me in my day to day, from my home, my family, my own existence; from there I’ve wanted to create Zona E Home, a space for you to find what you dream, for you to be filled with emotions and feelings that allow you to create your own story.

Visit us, have a coffee, a glass of wine and spend some time surrounded by good taste, great energy, letting you fall in love with our objects, which will surely fit exquisitely in your spaces.

Paula Sierra.

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ZonaE Home

  • Del cruce del tablazo,
    700 mt Via a Zona Franca,
    Llanogrande, Rionegro – Antioquia

  • Calle 2 # 20 – 50
    Edificio Q Office Of 0104
    Medellín – Antioquia

  • Código postal: 054047

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